Who We Are

Who We Are

Established in July 2004, the Seychelles Investment Board’s (SIB) role is to promote and facilitate local and foreign investments.



For Seychelles to be a globally diversified investment centre.



  • To promote both local and foreign investments in Seychelles.
  • To offer first class services to attract and retain investments.
  • To work in close collaboration with key stakeholders to stimulate, identify and facilitate investments.
  • To contribute towards the development of an investor-friendly business environment.


  • To stimulate the development, expansion and growth of the economy by promoting Seychelles as international business and services centre.
  • To promote and facilitate the development of investment and business activities.
  • To work closely with partner agencies to promote expansion (re-investment) into the economy.
  • To assist in developing pro-investment policies to improve the economic landscape.

Investment Act

Our Services

Our dedicated team of professionals are here to assist the investor through the process of establishing a business from its conception through to its development and implementation. Our main functions include:
  • Undertake promotional activities to attract local and foreign investment.
  • Participate in investment exhibitions to promote investment opportunities.
  • Conduct sector specific investment missions and information seminars.
  • Be the focal point of contact for local and international organisations and identify areas of cooperation that can be mutually beneficial.

Pre-Investment Services

  • Offer counselling and guidance on incentives, policies, laws and regulations.
  • Provide information on macroeconomic data, company and industry profiles and investment opportunities in Seychelles.
  • Mediate with other governmental agencies, and provide administrative and advisory support.
  • Organize concept and project presentation meetings.
  • Partner identification and matchmaking.


Post-Investment Services

  • Assist investors with application processes to obtain permits, licenses, incentives and exemptions.
  • Enhance and encourage re-investment, diversification and expansion according to the priority sectors.
  • Identify and address key barriers to increase business expansions and re-investment.
  • Undertake periodic reviews of issues/barriers and formulate appropriate measures for the smooth implementation and operations of projects.


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  • Conduct market research, surveys, and assessments on sectors.
  • Use our records and macroeconomic factors to explore new investment trends and provide guidance for government policy change or adaptation or investment policy implementation.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of SIB’s initiatives and investments.

We are part of Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry.

Together we work as a pillar to drive the country’s economy.

Seychelles Investment Board

Seychelles Investment Board

ESA seychelles

Enterprise Seychelles Agency

Seychelles Bureau of Standards

Seychelles Bureau of Standards

Industrial Estate Seychelles

Industrial Estates Authority


Seychelles Licensing Authority


L'Union Estate

Information Accessibility Statement

SIB, in accordance with the Access to Information, 2018 recognises the right of access to information and is committed to fostering good governance through enhancing transparency, accountability, integrity in public service and participation of persons in public affairs.


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Request any additional information via the Information Request Form to our designated Information Officer, Ms. Karine Benstrong at info@sib.gov.sc . If your request is denied, you may appeal using the Information Review Form.

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