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Creslin Enterprise is a Providence-based company that runs a 65 passenger ferry for shuttle transfers between the country’s inner islands as well as live onboard with a maximum capacity of 8 people. The ferry has four cabins and it is equipped with life raft, air-conditioning, TVs and free Wi-Fi. Most of its employees were foreign citizens which left mid-year as the business was non-operational due to the lack of foreign tourists which are their main customers. 


A team from SIB met with the owner; Mr. Dinan, to discuss his one-year journey thus far, exploring some of the constraints that he has been facing as well as discussing on opportunities to grow. Certain constraints include recruitment of local workers, inability to access mooring area and difficulty to reach out to governmental agencies for further assistance.


However, Mr. Dinan was pleased to receive a visit from the SIB team, who are willing to help him liaise with respective authorities to minimize the different constraints, as well as advising him on future re-investment projects.


Creslin enterprise will soon carry out renovation works on the ferry and hope to resume business soon.







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