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Seychelles is re-opening its borders to international visitors as from March 25 2021.

This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism in a press conference recently. The decision was taken together with the Ministry of Health as Seychelles’ national immunisation program or vaccination campaign against COVID-10 progresses well. This program aims to bring Seychelles to herd-immunity status by mid-March.

To date, a cumulative total of 57,095 individuals have received their first dose of vaccine against COVID-19 (82% of targeted population). 24,620 individuals have received their second dose representing 35% Coverage [Source: Ministry of Health, as at 05th March]

For the investor planning their business trip to Seychelles, entry requirements and other relevant information can be found below:

Are international visitors allowed to enter Seychelles?

Yes, international visitors will be allowed to enter Seychelles as from March 25 2021.

Are there are any entry restrictions to Seychelles?

For the moment, South Africa is the only country that has been placed on Seychelles’ no-entry list due to the high cases of the 501Y.V2 variant

Please visit for a regularly updated list of permitted countries.

Do visitors need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter Seychelles?

Visitors will be allowed entry irrelevant of their vaccination status.

What are the requirements to travel to, and enter Seychelles?

  • Visitors will need to produce a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate 72 hours prior to embarkation.
  • Visitors will not need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter Seychelles.
  • All visitors to Seychelles must apply for the mandatory Health Travel Authorisation (HTA), either via the Android or iOS apps on mobile devices or via the official government website at . This includes infants and children. The application can be made between 72 and 3 hours before departure. The reviewing process may take up to 3 hours before validation. A visitor will not be able to board the plane to the destination without the HTA.
  • Visitors must ensure that they have valid travel health insurance with full medical coverage, including COVID-19 related medical care.
  • Visitors’ accommodation booking confirmation must be presented at the immigration counter for verification upon arrival.

The full list of entry requirements can be found here.

Will visitors be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival to Seychelles?

There will be no COVID-19 testing upon arrival to Seychelles.

However, all visitors will have to undergo temperature checks and health screening. Any visitor who disembarks with respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose or shortness of breath will be isolated from other travellers and be subjected to further tests (for example a PCR or Rapid Antigen test, for free).

Will visitors have to be quarantined when I arrive in Seychelles?

Visitors will not have to go through precautionary measures or a quarantine period when arriving in Seychelles.

There will also be no movement restrictions once they are in Seychelles.

Which tourism establishments can visitors book in Seychelles?

Visitors must ensure that accommodation bookings are made only at licensed accommodation establishments that have been certified by the Public Health Authority and have the approved standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place.

Are there flights to Seychelles in 2021?

For updated flight schedules, visit

What are the health and security measures in place in Seychelles?

Once in the country, visitors need to observe all security measures in place at their hotels or places of accommodation, restaurants, transport systems and public places.

Wearing a mask is mandatory in Seychelles when in public. Visitors are encouraged to wash their hands and sanitise regularly.

Is Seychelles COVID-safe?

Seychelles launched a robust vaccination program on January 10 2021, with the aim of becoming the first country in Africa to vaccinate over 70% of it’s over 18 population. The objective is to reach herd-immunity by mid-March.

Seychelles is amongst the top in the world for the number of people vaccinated per 100 of its total population [Source:].

To find out more about the vaccination program and health updates, visit

How can SIB assist investors with their investment project?

SIB is committed to assisting all our investors. Our dedicated team is available to meet the challenges with you and to support and advise you during this challenging period.

Find out more about booking meetings and project submissions here.


For a comprehensive list of entry requirements in Seychelles and detailed information, view the latest Travel Advisory here.



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