Investment Process

Investment Process


Do your research

Come to SIB for all the necessary information on laws, regulations and policies, as well as procedures for your intended project.

Submit your project

Submit a business plan to SIB along with all the required documents as listed in our Guidelines. Should all your documents be in order, your project will be registered with SIB and an acknowledgement letter issued within 48 hours.

Project Consultation

Your project is circulated to all relevant Government referral agencies for their comments and recommendations.

Present your project

Should it be requested by a referral agency, or should your project be subject to an Economic Needs Test (ENT), SIB will liaise with you to organize a project presentation.

Project go ahead

Once all comments from referral agencies are received, given no adverse comments, the project is given the go ahead subject to meeting all conditions from the referral agencies.

Start your business


New Investment Project

Growing your business? Benefit from our post-investment support services. Find out more.

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