Turning Ideas into Valuable Business Assets

Many believe that Intellectual Property (IP) rights are sought to protect ideas or concepts from being copied or duplicated. However, the mere purpose of IP rights is to provide IP owners with the time and opportunity to commercialise their ideas and creations. As a valuable business asset, the IP protection serves as an incentive to innovate. This is vital for products and services and the success and profitability of a business. IP rights comes in many forms; however, the following are the IP rights currently available for registration in Seychelles:



Protection of original literacy and artistic work

Example: Books, Poems or Song



Protection of invention providing a technical solution

Process of extracting seaweed for agricultural use



Protection of a unique brand, consisting of words or logo

A name or slogan of a company


Geographical Indication

Sign to indicate specific place of origin

A wine brand from a specific region


Industrial Design

Protection of a unique design, shape, pattern or color

The shape of a handicraft such as soap

The application and registration of IP is to be made and kept in a registry at the IP Office at the Registration Division, where a qualified IP agent is available to provide assistance regarding all aspects of the registration process and receive payment of all fees.

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IP related Treaties and Agreements signed by Seychelles

These treaties and agreements establishes basic minimum standards that must be implemented and ensure that IP is protected in other countries.

Seychelles Intellectual Property

Unfair Competition and Undisclosed Information

Any industrial or commercial activity, in relation to industrial property rights that are not in accordance with honest practices are considered as an act of unfair competition.

Seychelles Intellectual Property

Enforcement of Intellectual
Property rights

It is the responsibility of the IP owner to ensure that their Intellectual Property are enforced and are not infringing upon someone else’s.



Benefits of Protecting IP

There are several benefits associated with registering your IP rights. These include the following:

  • Creating revenue from IP through licensing, sale or commercialisation, has the possibility to drive up profits which in turn increases the value of a business.
  • Ideas can be turned into profit-making assets as they can be licensed and paid to be used by other parties, bringing in a stable source of revenue.
  • Since IP separates a product and service from that of other businesses through trademarks, logos and design, it creates an image that self-promotes to customers.
  • IP can be used as collateral for public or government funding such as loans or grants.
  • With the establishment of a strong brand and design for a patented product or service, there are existing opportunities to partner with overseas companies through franchises, thus increasing competitiveness in export markets.

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