Submit Business Plan

The first step to investing in Seychelles is to submit your business plan to SIB. SIB provides guidelines which include the required information for your business plan, as well as the list of other required documents.

SIB will circulate your project concept/business plan to the referral agencies for government approval.

For a copy of the guidelines, please visit the sector you wish to invest in, under ‘Key Sectors’.

Learn more about the Investment Process at SIB.


Register Business or Company

Upon government approval for your business concept, you can now register your Business or Company at the Registration Division;

Learn more about the time taken for all processes related to registered companies and businesses. 


Register at the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC)

Apply for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) at the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC)


Submit Planning Application

The construction of buildings and any other infrastructure in Seychelles is regulated by the Seychelles Planning Authority.  Should your project require architectural planning approval, you are required to submit your detailed planning application to them. 

For foreigners applying for a change of use for a building, a feedback letter from SIB is required upon submission of same at the Planning Authority. 

Learn more about the building regulations and other guidelines pertaining to the design and development of buildings and infrastructure in the Cap 237 Town and Country Planning Act.


Apply for a license

Apply for a license at the Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) should the business be licensable.

For the full list of licensable activities please visit the SLA website


Apply for GOP

Once your license process has been completed, you may now apply for a Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP) at the Department of Employment for foreign employees. 


The Seychelles Trade Portal and the Seychelles Revenue Commission provide information on all matters pertaining to importation and exportation of goods in and out of Seychelles. For export procedures, view the Export Permit Regulations and the Seychelles Trade Regulations.

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Temporary Closure Advisory

Following the latest public health advisory, the SIB office will remain closed to the public until 15th February 2021.
SIB remains firmly committed to assisting all our investors. Our dedicated team is available virtually to process your projects and assist you with any queries.  
We invite you to contact us on:
T: +248 2 815 500 or +248 2 615 500
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