Where to Invest

Where to Invest

Investment laws have been enacted in Seychelles in order to encourage and protect investments. Moreover, Seychelles has in place policies to attract investments and encourage spill overs from Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) into the economy to support in creating jobs and stimulating economic growth.


The Government maintains that certain economic activities are doable and affordable to the Seychellois investors and businesses, therefore such economic activities shall remain reserved for them. The Reserved Economic Activities Policy, April 2020 defines the economic activities that are reserved for the Seychellois investors.


Equally the government recognises the value of foreign participation, subject to certain conditions, when considering applications to engage in economic activities in Seychelles. Any application for investment in an economic activity that is not on the listed in the Reserved Economic Activities Policy, April 2020 is guided by our S.I. 76-Seychelles Investment (Economic Activities) Regulations,2022. This set of regulations indicate market access for foreign participation, partly or in full, in Seychelles.


Any application for investment in an economic activity not listed in the Reserved Economic Activities Policy 2020 or in the S.I. 76- Seychelles Investment (Economic Activities) Regulations,2022 shall be subject to an Economic Needs Test (ENT). The ENT will evaluate the economic, social and technological benefits of the economic activity and determine whether there is a gap that can be filled by allowing foreign participation.

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