Renewable Energy


The Seychelles energy sector is regulated under the Energy Act of 2012. This Act caters to the establishment and management of the Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC) and the Seychelles Energy Board, makes provisions for electricity-related activities, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean development mechanism, tariffs, and charges, consumer protection rights, and the issuance of licenses and permits. The objective of the SEC is to regulate electricity-related activities for adequate, reliable, cost-effective, and affordable electricity while protecting and conserving the environment.

Registration certificates and permits

Any person to venture into auto producing, auto producer group, co-generator, independent power producer, transmission or distribution operator must make an application for a registration certificate to the SEC. After which the Commission has 30 days from confirmation receipt to process the application. Once the application for the registration certificate is granted the person(s) may proceed for a permit to the Towns and Country Planning Authority for the construction of a generation plant, auto production, co-generation plant, and transmission or distribution facility.



A person must apply for a license from the Seychelles Energy Board, to undertake any electricity-related activity and a separate license must be obtained for each electricity market activity. This application with the prescribed fee must be made for any amendments, transfers, or renewal of the license. The written outcome of the license application is communicated to the applicants within 3 months.


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy (RE) plays an increasingly important role in the Seychelles economy. The overall goal is to not only mitigate the effects of climate change but also strengthen our energy security. It is an area that will drive local industries, local and foreign investments as well as create job opportunities. However, given our small size and limited land, RE projects especially of utility-scale will be implemented through a competitive process. At present, the only renewable energy installation is a 4 MW wind farm off Port Victoria and a limited amount of rooftop PV installations.

The aim is to transition to a low carbon energy sector through the introduction of:


Real Estate in Seychelles investment opportunities

Large-Scale RE plants

Solar photovoltaic
plants large-scale offshore wind farms
marine RE biomass plants

Real Estate in Seychelles investment opportunities

Distributed Generation

Real Estate in Seychelles investment opportunities

Grid stabilising Technology

such as battery and
pump storage

Invest in Seychelles

Introduction of Smart grid and Smart meters

Investment Opportunities

  • Auto Producer
  • Auto Producer Group
  • Co-generator
  • Independent Power Producer
  • Transmission or Distribution operator
  • Renewable Energy (Solar Energy)
  • Photovoltaic Equipment Suppliers
  • Waste To Energy Systems
  • Suppliers Of Electrical Equipment (Renewable)
  • Recycle Plants
  • Energy Efficient Technology (Smart Systems For Domestic/ Commercial use)
Policies and Guidelines

Renewable Energy

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