Renewable Energy

Fossil fuel is the primary energy source used in Seychelles at 97.5 %, with a mere 2.5 % coming from the renewables. The national energy policy (Seychelles Energy Policy 2010-2030) focuses on the need to reduce this dependency through increased energy efficiency, promotion of Renewable Energy (RE) with targets of 5% and 15% in national electricity production by 2020 and 2030 respectively. With plans to further increase the use of RE beyond the set targets to 100% by 2050, the energy sector is expected to grow in the coming years. Such ambitious targets will require not only a progressive but profound change of the power system and infrastructure. Seychelles aims to bring energy transition to a low carbon energy sector through the introduction of large scale RE plants (solar photovoltaic plants, large scale offshore wind farms, marine RE, biomass plants etc.), distributed generation, grid stabilising technology such as battery and pump storage, the introduction of smart grid and smart meters etc.


Renewable Energy (RE) plays an increasingly important role in the Seychelles economy. The overall goal is to not only mitigate climate change but also strengthen our energy security. It is an area which will drive local industries, local and foreign investments as well as create job opportunities. However, given our small size and limited land, RE projects especially of utility-scale will be implemented through a competitive process. As and when RE opportunities become available, Seychelles Investment Board will publish respective tenders on its digital platforms.


In addition to large RE projects, companies can also set up an assembly plant here in Seychelles to supply local market and even use Seychelles as a gateway to supply to larger market in the region.


Other Renewable Energy sources considered in Seychelles include;

  • Wind: There is an existing wind plant of 6 MW capacity which is constructed on two reclaimed islands (Ile Romainville and Ile Du port) consisting of eight turbines of 750 KW. They work during low to medium wind speeds but recent research is moving Seychelles in exploration of wind energy on onshore basis.
  • Biomass: Government is currently reviewing the waste management policy of the country and there is a possibility for Waste-to-Energy Facility. This will also be tendered out.
  • Marine Renewable: Surrounded by almost 1.3 million km2 of ocean, there is a potential to harness marine RE sources. Seychelles Energy Commission recognizes that such technologies are not yet fully commercialized but is prepared to work with interested parties to use Seychelles as a test bed for their marine Renewable Energy Targets.


Should the technology be proven economically and technically feasible by the Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC), the Government will explore the adoption of such. More information on the technical standards and application for endorsement can be obtained on the SEC website.


Investment opportunities:

  • Renewable Energy (Solar Energy)
  • Photovoltaic Equipment Suppliers
  • Waste To Energy Systems
  • Suppliers Of Electrical Equipment (Renewable)
  • Recycle Plants
  • Energy Efficient Technology (Smart Systems For Domestic/ Commercial use)
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Renewable Energy

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