As part of a technical assistance project aimed at improving the investment environment, the Government of Seychelles requested UNCTAD to undertake an Investment Policy Review (IPR) and to assist in the formulation of an Entrepreneurship Policy Framework (EPF). This resulted in one report for Seychelles dealing with both investment and entrepreneurship. Consequently, an UNCTAD Fact Finding mission was hosted locally, during which the UNCTAD team had direct consultation meetings with both private and public sector stakeholders.


As part of its concluding site visits for 2019, SIB visited PACE Seychelles, a company with a unique business perspective offering innovative eco solutions through the supply of green technology. Owned by Mr. Anthony Pace, the small company of 15 staff has been offering its ecofriendly services to local hotel establishments for almost five years, with its main clientele being in the hospitality and commercial industry.

The Seychelles Investment Board visited Mr. Roger Darrel Morel at his shop to know more about his business progress. The Morel Tagliabue Style is a shop located at Orion Mall in Victoria, selling mainly clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women.


Going Global Live is a unique platform that connects the world’s most dynamic and prosperous investment opportunities with the most ambitious and innovations investors and business owners. SIB attended this event between the 27th and 28th November in London for the first time, giving an unmissable opportunity to introduce Seychelles to this market and to promote investment opportunities to some of the region’s most influential investors.


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