SIB conducts site visit at Amalgamated Tobacco

The Investment Advisory team met with Mr. Steve Khambatta, the Managing Director of Amalgamated Tobacco Co., a cigarette manufacturer in Mahe, Seychelles, on Tuesday 30th October.


Amalgamated Tobacco Company Limited was incorporated on 31st January, 1973, and has been in existence for 45 years, manufacturing the cigarette brand Mahe King. Production started in July 1974 with original brands of Silhouette and De Lux with Mahe Kings being launched later in 1977.


The company is a significant tax contributor in terms of Excise Tax, Business Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) and Corporate Social Responsibility Tax (CSR).


Friday 20th September 2013 marked an important event in the company’s history. ATC was the first company to officially install and implement photovoltaic technology with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint. The SR 2.8m investment has significantly reduced the company’s reliance on PUC electricity


ATC has invested heavily over the years in the welfare and training of its staff whilst at the same time improving efficiency and modernising the production facilities in order to remain competitive against international imported brands.


Sixty talented and highly motivated Seychellois are empowered to drive the company’s ambitious strategies of whom 61% of the staff have been with ATC for more than 20 years and two members of the factory staff celebrated 40 years with the company this year.


During the visit, the SIB was given a show-round of the cigarette factory to gain a better understanding of the manufacturing process. Following this, a meeting with Mr. Khambatta was held to learn more about the business and the possible challenges faced. One of the ways in which SIB works with an already-established business is to provide advice for re-investment and growth opportunities. These prospects were also discussed during the meeting.

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