Mahe Design & Build welcomes SIB's Investment Facilitation team for a visit

Mahe Design & Build was started 15 years ago and over the years has flourished into one of the most respected and accomplished locally owned construction companies on the island.


SIB’s Investment Facilitation team was warmly welcomed to the property at Le Rocher by the Chief Executive and owner Mr Gilbert Frichot and his management team. Before being given a tour, the team was brought to the stunning offices which were dressed in modern design and architecture and locally sourced wood. Mr Frichot explained the business model, how it started, his many successes as well as the challenges they face.


The company prides itself on its ability to offer a high quality service with personal attention and touch by the owner himself who is a fully qualified architect.  They offer A-Z services from architectural designs, contracting and fabrication work, to interior décor.  The majority of their clients have been hotels and high end residential houses and villas however  Mr Frichot says that they are more than willing to take on smaller projects too.


The company employs almost 300  people, as the team visited the living premises of the labour workers,  it was a delight to see the quality and comfort that they were given , even having access to cable television and multiple channels.


Although he  has seen most of his success in the construction sector, Mr Frichot says that he does not expect this industry to boom forever hence he is slowly putting a solid foot into tourism and maybe even other sectors in the future. With the recently opened Kafe Kreol and soon to be developed La Plage Bougainville Hotel, the inspirational Seychellois entrepreneur is looking to expand his investments in the future. 


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