What makes up the Seychelles Limited Partnership?

Seychelles is an established international financial jurisdiction that offers businesses and investors a range of products to meet their increasingly complex needs.


One of these products is the Seychelles Limited Partnership (LP). This is a legal arrangement similar to Limited Liability Partnerships found in other jurisdictions. Two or more legal persons can form a Limited Partnership in Seychelles, but the partnership must consist of one or more General Partners and one or more Limited Partners. A body corporate may be a General or Limited Partner and a General Partner may hold an interest as a Limited Partner.


Registration of LPs with FSA must be handled through a locally licenced International Corporate Service Provider.


What makes the Limited Partnership in Seychelles attractive?  

  • Legal Framework: Limited Partnerships Act, 2003.
  • Tax exemptions are guaranteed for 20 years.
  • Can engage in Business Activity in Seychelles in furtherance of International Business.
  • At least one general partner must be a Seychelles IBC or a Company Special Licence (CSL).

For more information on Limited Partnerships in Seychelles, contact Seychelles Financial Services Authority on www.fsaseychelles.sc





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