An initial guide to investing in the Seychelles Collective Investment Scheme

Seychelles allows for companies including IBCs, unit trusts or partnerships to be licenced as mutual funds, giving fund managers a long list of potential fund vehicles. These companies can be constituted in Seychelles or in any one of 31 recognised jurisdictions.


The Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act, 2008, provides the legal framework and approach to the licencing of Collective Investment Schemes in the Seychelles.


An Exempt Foreign Fund status is available to funds that can satisfy the Authority that it is in good legal standing and holds a valid licence from one of the recognised jurisdictions. An Exempt Foreign Fund must be already licenced in a recognised jurisdiction, administered by a Seychelles licenced fund administrator and either listed on a stock exchange or have a minimum investment of USD 100,000.


What are the key features of Collective Investment Scheme in Seychelles?


  • Legal Framework: Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act, 2008.
  • Tax exempt in Seychelles.
  • Professional Funds are restricted to having professional investors making minimum investment of USD 100,000 each.
  • Private Funds can have no more than 50 investors and cannot make invitations to the public for subscription.
  • The auditor of a licensed fund may be from inside or outside of the Seychelles.


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