Owing to its unique beauty, colourful Creole culture and year-round summer, Seychelles is renowned for being the ideal holiday destination. However over the years, the Islands’ value has also been found in its commitment to environmental protection, the value of its EEZ, its political stability, attractive business conditions, tri-lingual population, growing infrastructure and strategic location, thus making Seychelles attractive as an investment jurisdiction.


The location of the Seychelles Islands gives it excellent air connectivity to major hubs in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. This is coupled with a favourable time zone of GMT + 4. The World Bank Gross National Income (GNI) per capita framework has moved the Seychelles economy into the high-income group with a 2018 estimated GDP per capita of $16,434.


In an effort to continue improving the investment landscape, the Seychelles Government has plans to expand the Seychelles International Airport and the Victoria Sea Port. Work is also underway to install a second Submarine Fiber Optic Cable. This shows a commitment towards continuous infrastructure development to support investments.



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