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Seychelles becomes the first country in the world to submit a report to the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI).

FiTI is a global voluntary multi-stakeholder partnership that seeks to increase transparency and participation for a more sustainable management of marine fisheries. It promotes informed public debates on fisheries policies and supports the long-term contribution of the sector to national economies and the well-being of citizens and businesses that depend on a healthy marine environment.

Coastal countries such as Seychelles face the complex challenge of ensuring that fishing and fish trade contribute to employment, food and nutrition security and income for the economy, while at the same time conserving maritime biodiversity for future generations.

To achieve sustainable fisheries, the public availability of credible information is paramount, amongst other factors, in achieving sustainable fisheries. Transparency in fisheries also meets growing demands from markets and investors – and its raises awareness and appreciation of the sector’s socioeconomic contribution.

This report makes previously unpublished information accessible on various topics including foreign fishing access agreements, stock information, payment and catch data from large- and small-scale fishing vessels, as well as fishing subsidies. It also:

  • summarises the key status information on Seychelles fisheries sector
  • assesses Seychelles’ level of compliance against the 12 transparency requirements of the FiTI Standard, and


  • highlights opportunities for improvement, including 34 recommendations on further strengthening the country’s leadership in fisheries transparency, such as how the availability of information in the public domain e.g. on government websites, can be further improved.

Seychelles’ next assessment, due towards the end of 2021, will review the implementation progress of these recommendations.


As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, this first-ever report will serve to be extremely beneficial towards the fishing industry locally, giving Seychelles competitive advantage over competitors and potentially aid towards generating more from the industry and fisheries-related exports and activities.


Source: Fisheries Transparency Initiative | Seychelles Nation

Photo credit: Jude Morel


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